Tick this fickle mind off this hollow head

I hate to say this but the thoughts and faces keep running in my mind. And nothing can beat than knowing if I am leading anything on or am just too easy peasy to go with the flow, only hoping for the best in the future. One click and I’m ten minutes away to reading something where I can visually imagine the goofy eyes and perky voice asking me questions out of concern. To those days when everything’s alright, when the same personality still strikes and no strings of tight knots are bound to deter between the friendship. Only to be left stranded with shorts sentences that can only be understood now. The clouds banged hard against my mind. I have to swallow everything or nothing at all, tick this fickle mind off from this hollow head, settle for a decision, grab a coffee and sinks in the comfy chair. Not to forget, followed by memorable notes and writings on the orange notebook that witness half of this story.

And amidst all these chaos I made in my mind, I wonder what does this whole situation makes me?

Rad screams help.


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