You took it away and give me something much better

It takes me about a year and four to finally learn, accept and move on. Yes, that long. God knows what I went through, tears I shed, courage to delete away everything, what change my life and everything that made up for the person I am today. As much I used to hate and be so depressed about it, after many months of seeking the answers and prayers, I could only be glad that all that had happened. What god has given and taken away from me are just a step forward to my own happiness. That’s what I call blessings in disguise. All that by going through the wind and wave alone, with the best support from the family and friends that I knew going to stick with me for long. Now when I come to think of it, I’m so contented.

There, I say it out. To anyone who just happen to be feeling broken and thinks its the end of the world, trust me it’s going to take a lot of courage and time for you to see what’s best for you. Eventually, time will heal everything and it’s going to be alright (:

So, whatever that’s up, till now I still couldn’t see if what they think is true. They say I’m blind or just plain dumb but I think it’s going to take a whole lot of time for me to only realize and consider about this whole thing. One step at a time, they say.

And oh, I wish you know that I think you’re just one of the sweetest companion around. Thank you for being there, at the most random and spontaneous moment I could remember (:

Happy fasting and it’s the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Hope all goes well with everyone.

Takecare (:


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