Saying the last goodbye to you and you

Yesterday was one of the days I was so looking forward to. But as the time gets nearer to the end, I actually find myself reluctant to release it away. I guess one of the reason is because that final day, my three month buddy wasn’t there. None other than Huey Min ):  Get well soon! I realize that I had created a bond with some of the people there, even if it was for few short months. I’m going to miss all of them. And that feeling of attachment is so great that I hate it for some reasons. Ironic huh.

Not to forget, the ability to talk and see people who fly often. I know its not that a big deal but still it does for me (: Ohh, i got an autograph from one of the actor who acted in the current malay drama Gerimis di Hati, Zaid! I asked for his autograph but instead I blurted out photograph many times to him. Such a weird experience but anyway, he’s so nice!

Ok, I am going to miss this girl so much. Three months is enough for us to know and be crazy with each other. I hope I was able to make her internship worthwhile. This is a pic of us (got it from her blog).

Huey Min & Me

Before I leave the office, I looked at that two chairs and table and remember all those fun times I had there. Whatever happened in between there, I’ll keep those memories. But no matter what happen, life goes on and I too shall move on to another phrase of my life (:

Sidetrack a little, I’m loving the sweet company I’m having for the past many weeks actually. Thank you all, and especially to a friend.

Takecare everyone.


One thought on “Saying the last goodbye to you and you

  1. OMG! Rad.. I decidedto drop by your blog! And your post MADE ME TEARED. You bitch!

    I miss you alot! 😦
    Wonder how will work be without you tomorrow! 😦

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