The night when dreams are real

Do you know that feeling, when a particular person looks at you straight in the eyes? For just a split second but it feels like it engulfed you in a moment that’s just somehow beautiful. Like you want to tell that person how much he means to you, right on the spot. But  you can’t because of the fear of everything that could possibly will have happen after. And because he’s just your friend of so many years. Yeah, the night might have been very short but I didn’t realize how much it could have change my feelings, for the longest time.

Anyway, Inception was superb. I like this kind of mind-boggling movies, where it’ll make me think so hard that I ended up being so confused about. Which makes me feel like as if I was hypnotized by the story, just like Shutter Island.

Now I can’t help but think how cute Joseph Gordon- Levitt looks in that movie. Anyone agree?

Till then.


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