Deep inside it was a rush, what a rush

So after much persuasion and unusual reasons I gave to my parents, I welcomed Kimi! There’s a reason why I chose that name. She is super cute, I’ll introduce her one day (:

Life’s been pretty lenient nowadays. Yesterday short meetup with some people got me thinking. When one person is out, another will come, or the old one would probably resurfaced. That’s what I learnt from some troubled friendship I’ve came across with. Though it hurts me to see old buddies like them used to be so close together, loitering around the courtyard, having a mini soccer match in between, screaming each other name out in excitement, sharing our troubles with the dearest coach, strumming the guitars, gazing at the stars above the school building and catching shooting stars, sharing of ghost stories, cook bbq food for each other, night-cycling around the neighborhood, escaped out to eat instant noodles outside the school compound, playing hide and seek around the campus, staring into space, wrapping ourselves around together and lying in the middle of the school  just hoping that night would never end, as the dark sky turns bright. Each year was the same but each time, we gets closer. All that for seven years and suddenly everything stops like that.

I was just wondering, whatever happened to the aiss track & field team annual bbq over at the school? I miss the batch I once belong to, i miss all those friends I shared stories with. The gang, our usual buddies. We were so close back then, remember?

And I miss every single one of you.


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