As the world turns around and we go different places

Everything ending soon, and I’m still deciding. Getting used to stuffs that seems never ending. It’s only been a week of some happening things that still very much surprise myself. My mind has been distracted for a while now and I couldn’t think of the right reason why I’m feeling so good, about everything. Life’s been average anyway.

I’m meeting old people whom I’ve lost contacted with and probably few new ones. Well which of course doesn’t really have any follow-up after. Though it bothers my “already low” self-esteem, it doesn’t seem to bother me that much. It’s like getting used to disappointment but knows that all these will eventually bring me to the greater things in life. Even if it takes me years, I am more willing to be patient. And I can’t thank Allah enough.

That day meetup with Hakim taught me about how strong he is actually as a person, despite knowing him for long.  So everyone knows him as this goofy guy and though it’s only been few weeks that has passed since, I would have thought that he might be different. Instead, I saw him as someone I should appreciate. It makes me realize, how good can each one of us put on a mask and pretend. And yea, everyone will eventually lose the people they love, even if it in the hardest way.

So I’m going to sidetrack a little because Germany won third place and Spain is the champion for the World Cup 2010. It’s last week news but stilllll.

And amidst all these chaos and confusion, I find a little peace. Somewhere, just somewhere.

Till then.


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