We struggle to live, to leave easily

I just got to know something sad, about an old friend of mine. I just got to know about his dad, who passed away in time. His family knows me, I know his family except for his late dad, we never met. Despite that, I felt this sense of shock and sadness. Their family looks so close and good together, always. Al-fatiha to Cik Osman, semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Amin.

This sudden news made me think of his cute mother who cooks nice western food I never could get enough of in a stall at the school I was once attached to during sip. His two cheerful sisters, especially one of them who never fail to smile at me whenever we bumped into each other. I felt bad that I couldn’t be there to visit them or whatsoever. The only thing I could do was sent my¬†condolences.

Who would have thought the person you loved the most or the closest you once had would go away from your life so sudden?

And if you had guessed the fear I will have in 5 years time that I had mentioned in the last many posts, this is what I’m saying about. He, can take anything and anyone from us, anytime. Just like that. Always keep that in mind.

Be strong Hakimo. Till then, please get well soon dad.

Much loves.


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