Falling slowly, eyes that know me

What has been bothering in my mind nowadays is the situation of either to make other people happy or to make myself happy. That’s a question which I often face and when I gets older, it’s something that I still don’t get why. Why, I always have to say it’s okay because I’d rather not upset someone else. Even if I am not completely pleased with whatever happened.

Nobody knows how much I love seeing the airplanes and yearning so much to travel t0 places. But at the same time over the past many months, I have develop an interest in something that is noble enough for my future. I have an important choice to make right now. It’s okay if you don’t get what I mean in this post, I’m just trying to spit out what I’ve been thinking (:

Some of the guys are enlisting soon, while the girls are already beginning their career. And it got me thinking about how time really flies. Years ago, we can’t even remember each other’s names and faces.

I’m sorry if this post is full of random bits. Listening to Once’s soundtracks makes me feel a little hopeful with little thoughts in this life.

It just feels like I want to pack my bag, get an air ticket and fly off to Europe. And never come back.

I’ll dream, till it happen. One fine day.


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