Think where your mind is, you’ll do good

Life’s been pretty good lately and I’m loving it while I could. Great things been happening and I can’t feel blessed enough. As much as I was hating May before, I think this is probably a turning point of my life. I turned a year older with not much hoo-ha about being twentyfirst, but rather the time I had with all those people I love was special enough. In the same week, the much anticipated Graduation’s Day. The preparation, that few hours with the course mates and post-grad were so exciting but painful because of the shoes. Lots of pictures and smiles of course but am lazy to post (duh).

And recently, bumped into some opportunities  in any forms you can think of 😉 Oh and I’ve gained 2kg, something I’m working towards to haha. More!

So anyway, Lee DeWyze won! I’ve been eyeing on him since the start, what’s not charming about him? Plus he’s short for an American guy too (:

Lee DeWyze

Mornights and happy vesak day to all buddhist! (:


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