It’s indeed going to be a Monday’s Blues

What a weekend, Happy Mother’s Day and ended with a blast for the season. The Blues won and what can I say, they really deserve it so congrats to them! While everyone were busy making big deals out of the two teams, I chose to watch the final game for Arsenal. And how convincing they were throughout the whole 90mins. It looks like each and everyone of them wanted to win the final one with grace and they did. They played beautifully on their last game and if only they had played like this (seriously) over their last few games, I’d bet they will be on par with those two. The last goal from them was the first for Vela and how cool was that? And now I’m having a bad sore throat. All those screaming for those four goals must have added on to it.

Third is still okay, probably next season gunners. No matter how much I hate you guys sometimes, I’ll still be loyal (:

So, I wonder why all my man u’s supporters friends are quiet tonight? Heh. Till then.


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