And I wanna play it cool

Millions of thoughts are running in my mind and I’m worried about every single one of them. As much as I’m pretending and trying so hard to live the days by, I’m smiling and laughing like there’s no tomorrow everyday. Because I have and I want to. Nowadays I’m getting attentions from people I never expect. It makes me think too much but I know I’ve to loosen up a little and not to worry. I’m going with the flow. Guess that’s the most reasonable and safe way to live.

Me and some friends of mine are ‘arguing’ over the topic “What if the person you likes, actually likes you back? And all you ever wish is to know” since yesterday in Twitter. It’s pretty defensive for most of us but it make sense. I think some guys just never get the hints from girls, that’s why they just give up trying, don’t they? Come on zach, it’s pretty obvious you never pay enough attention to girls. Haha. And I’m totally agreeing to Shimin’s opinions (:

Till then.


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