We’re still in the running in the title race!

I can never ask for more, in this one whole week that’s gone. As much as i want to express and say everything out, i’ll keep it simple by saying that I am really appreciating the people around me now. Maybe i’ll save it for another post. Thank you for everything guys 🙂

Despite rocky things that’s been happening in my life, i’ve finally learn on how to make the best out of it. I can never get what i want now, but this is definitely what i need at this moment. Well, of course i’m still struggling to find a proper job, other than that it’s okay.

Let’s get more positive shall we? Yesterday’s night was probably one of the much anticipating night for those soccer fanatics. Yes, clash of the titans. Chelsea beats Man U, though i was really hoping for a draw. And just fortunately, Arsenal won in a match against Wolves! It was a late goal at stoppage time, once again. I was literally screaming and jumping around only to be scolded by sis. I bet every Arsenal fans out there in the Emirates Stadium are doing the same thing too, esp when you see the eruption happening there on tv.

This totally makes me want to go there someday, for real. And yes, like Sartesh said, winning the premier league this season will be like a dream come true. I’m still hoping despite having the four players out for injuries. Next up, is this coming tue.

Arsenal really makes me happy.

Ps, to fizah if you need someone to talk to, you can just call me up. Tc.


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