a tribute to my boots

I lost my first one and only boots that’s been with me since the first time i touch on soccer and join the club, since three years ago back in the early 2007. And league is in 2 days time.

I remember searching, not knowing what i need. When i came across the pair, it fits my little feet nicely. It wasn’t those expensive boots, just within my own budget pocket money.  From then on, it had greatly served me for every trainings and matches. I never considered of buying another boots, to replace it. Even though it was already torn and badly bruised by late last year. I’ll handwash it, scrubbing off all the muds & smell to keep it clean again, almost every time. Then, i had to stop soccer for a while. For months, i abandoned it by the side. Every single day when i go out from the house, i never failed to actually see them lying down. Assured that they’re still going to be there the day after.

Till one fine day. After months being out in soccer, on that fateful day in 18 feb, just when I intended to go training, I find them missing. I searched every hidden areas in my home desperately. My parents were there at the time and i guessed they could see how upset i was. It was my final presentation day, and somehow it actually affect my feelings. Alot. I almost teared 😦 And then, i knew those boots are no longer there. I never get the chance to fully use them, or even see it’s last moments. I’m sorry for ignoring. And if i’ve got the chance to see the pair again, i will clean, sew back the torn part and make them look new as possible again:(

I know, it’s just a pair of boots. But it was more than that. This reminded me so much of my first ever converse sneakers which mother brought for me when i was very young. It got lost too.

Shoes are so special, despite it being at the bottom and being stepped on. Every pair of shoes tells a different story of you. Because they has always been through your every step in life.

Here’s a picture of them

those boots

It’s sentimental, for me. Yes i’m that kind of person. Wherever it is, just hopes it’s alright.

Till then.


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