last few days of february

I actually thinks that somehow, i am caught with the unlucky stars. Or just the people around me is being affected by something bad. First the rashes that come and go, then syad lost his hp while we were having dinner along with khai. Next was the misunderstanding, followed by the knee and few minutes came cm’s head accident. Few days later, a teammate of mine gotten in a bike accident, which is really terrible. The last time i’m with her was one day before, after training otw back home in the same train. I and her was playing scrabble at mim’s phone and we were laughing. Though we don’t know each other well. Really hope she recovers soon from the surgery:( And a thunderstorm that happened in the house. 

I can’t bent my knees at most times unless i really forced myself to. And i think i lost my medication. Feeling so helpless. One week, too much things happened that really takes a toll on me.

And Ramsey’s incident in Arsenal vs Stoke match on Sunday. I only on the tv to catch the match for a while, when few minutes later the incident occured. The part when he broke his leg. I didn’t know what really happened then. The next day, zach showed me the pic of that particular incident. Looks bad, cos his leg was bent. Hopes he recover soon.

I don’t know if it’s just coincidental or really, it’s me. Till then.


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