don’t know how much i’m feeling,don’t you?

Whatever that happened just now affected half of my tuesday. That moment when me and iza stopped talking, and i knew everything wasn’t ok between us, i felt useless. That whole time, i was thinking how much that old habit of mine had constantly pissed the people around me, countless times, i know. Even she couldn’t take it anymore 😦 There are days when i thought i had change, i’d be early. But i guess this kind of habit which you have adopted since wayyyy back in primary school must take a little bit longer to not be used to it. That was a wake-up call.

For the whole 2 hours of training, i felt terrible. That headache, the thoughts of what had happened earlier added up to the misery of my bad football skills. sighs. I was supposed to stay home due to the two days mc but stubborn, as forever is.

I’m going to look on the bright side.. one day before, i was out almost the whole day with iza again. Back to back to the south-east-west-back to south and finally, north. Our initial intention failed because of my rashes. It gotten worse, so thanks to her and father (: Laughed too much and we realized that when she talks too much, i’ll stop and vice-versa. Somehow she’s the opposite of me but that’s how i actually learn about myself at times. So, i’m allergic to something that i don’t know of. Alrighttt, noted.

And i spotted a cuteee korean boy in bus 175, sitting opposite of me. How i know he’s a korean? By listening to him and his friends’ conversation. haha, so i assume. I’ve been occupying myself, keeping busy. I’m worn out but that’s all i can ever think of. I want to save and travel! ok that’s really random but i’m working on it πŸ™‚

Take good care.


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