cheer up, nice man

I worked just now. A regular customer stepped in. He’s a caucasion, tall, have white colored hair (not really the old white hair i think), aged probably around 30plus and for the first time, he had a long sulky face that night. So, i initiated a conversation with him by asking how was his day. Predicted, he had a very bad day. I never thought that he wanted to share his story with me, so he asked “Do you know what happened?”. So while i was making his drink, he began telling what actually happened and i’ve got to say, i feel really sorry for him. I don’t know if its a good idea to say out his story but nvm, think it doesn’t really matter.

Then, when i look at him again to ask a question, for a moment i looked at him in a different way. The way he look doesn’t seem to bother me that much. What actually attracted me to this man was actually his polite nature. He has always been this very nice, soft-spoken man i’ve ever met. This is crazy, i know. He’s probably married (though he always come alone). What am i even thinking and saying.

So, i handed him his drink and said, “Cheer up, hope you have a nice day tomorrow.” Though i know that wouldn’t better his situation, i hope it makes his day a little bit. And I really meant it (:


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