you worked hard for it,you gained it

I hate watching yesterday’s match. The game was expected. Everytime the big teams are against Arsenal, it would be scary to watch. Because i know, that most of the times, they are going to lose. Be it in the home ground or away. It’s annoying watching them getting the ball then gave it away so easily. Yes, they do play attractive football (they still did yesterday) but what irritates me is that they never really have a strong finish in their goals. no? Why can’t you guys just use all your leg muscles strength and shoot that ball to the net straight once it’s on your feet, especially when you’re in the penalty box already. Be a bull, just like Rooney. And just great that the upcoming matches are going to be as crucial as this. There goes our chance of winning the title. So irritating! but nvm, i’m still supporting you guys anyway.

Finally, yesterday was the last race. I feel so proud of my teammates who had braved themselves up and complete their races. Congrats to everyone! 🙂  And it was the last time that i would compete with the usual people, that is Huiqin(NYP), Amanda(SP) and Yvonne(ITE). For the past few years, we’ve been running in the same events, had great fights and most importantly, we become friends. I’m grateful that i make friends to not only them but others as well, such as Nikita(RP) whom i’ve known since secondary school and of course her great twin friends and others. When everything was over yesterday, i realized that i’m going to miss running competitively. I’m going to miss the excitement and the people. Everything.

8 years of running,  i managed to beat my pb and won my first ever silver medal for 1500m and 3000m race in my final competition. It might not mean anything to anyone but it means a lot to my life, to end everything by gaining something – the experiences and people.

Despite all that, i find myself being partially happy at the end of everything.It just feels like when you achieved something great in your life after many years, there’s no one there to share that best moment with you, not even the one closest to you or the people you wish for. You wanted so much to let them be proud of you just as how much you are proud of yourself but you feel like it’s better not letting them know, because it doesn’t matter to them. It’s just running anyway.

Sometimes, i just can’t believe how fast time flies by. It’s already February. Then, soon you realize that you will be going through the most important phase of your life. Slowly, you’re growing up. You start thinking about the future. You have to start making decisions on your own, never to depend on anyone anymore. And be prepared to build your own life. Everything has always been a choice.

Ok, i tend to get carried away. It’s terrible and boring i know, i’m sorry. Peixiang texted to come down later cos he’s ordering pizza to celebrate. It’ll be fun, thank god cos i’m craving for it.

Alrights, have a splendid week ahead. Takecare (:


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