how are you doing?

Everything about yesterday are just mostly related to soccer. Suddenly i miss playing it. The bond i have with the current team are just priceless. It’s been long since, just when i thought that i had hung up my one and only boots. Ok goodbye number 13, hello number 3.

Did you watch tonight’s Arsenal match against Everton? The snow was distracting, pity the boys. I guessed most of us were almost devasted towards the end when the game suddenly started to turn exciting for the last 5 minutes added time. Hooray to Rosicky for the equalizer! I think there were quite a number of ‘heart-pain’ situations too, especially when the boys tried to gain another goal with so many attempts but failed. And one of the heartbreaking part was when Denilson was dribbling the ball and just suddenly dropped out because he was in pain. Believe it or not, i almost teared. That particular moment, that look on his face and the way he collapsed. So sad  😦

The cheek for me to steal few minutes to blog, when i am really tired and so much things to do. And for another reason, i have to redo most things for mp. Suddenly, i feel stress about it.

till then.


2 thoughts on “how are you doing?

    • fadhli? hahaha. btw how do u get to know my blog eh? im not getting any younger dude, this might be the last time. and i’m a girl, getting a little bit tired of sports 😉

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