never knew i needed

For now, i feel and conclude that at most times, people use blogger  for those common daily rants and stories. WordPress is best for deep thoughts and mysterious details. Tumblr for feel good expressing the inner side with less words, just more beautiful images. Don’t know about livejournal yet. Had a hard time using that, once.

I’m actually glad that i’ve learn to restrict myself from being online and finding that there’s more than just hooking on the computer the whole day by doing something that’s time-wasting. But the only thing that get me closer to my lappy, as always, would be mp. Speaking of which, i’m doubting about it already. Just when we thought it was okay. Time is running out. Thus, I’m having just a little bit of hope, that it will turn alright in the end 😦

A good weekend ahead. Mornight world.


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