here i go again

Today’s horoscope says:

There are changes occurring in your romantic affairs right now, Taurus, that will bring you a long awaited sense of clarity on what you need with love. These changes are going to be more at the internal level, and you are going to become more aware of what you need, feel, and want in your romantic experiences. If you have been feeling unhappy with how things have been going in your personal life, this unhappiness is going to come out in this period. The only way that you will be able to get through this period is by facing what is causing the nature of your dissatisfaction. By tackling it head on, you will come through this period with the emotional success you have been waiting for.

Maybe, perhaps.

I feel angry with myself over some things about yesterday. sighs. But look on the bright side, i managed to atleast meet and talk to him.

Oh i just woke up from a short doze while browsing through the net. I didn’t even realize i was sleeping and woke up feeling the ache on my neck because my head was tilted sideways for that long period. I can really sleep everywhere i guess, hah.

Till then.


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