Friday and saturday

“Today would be a good day to express any feelings you’ve been holding back from someone you care about “. Ain’t sure about that, cos it can never be.

Anyway, reunion gathering with “The Fine Ones” was great. Almost everyone looks different from one year ago and we conquered 3 big tables!  Even Mr Ong was there for a few minutes ( just to see us, awww) and he was  like our father since last time. I really miss all of them and have got to say that this is the best class i ever have 🙂

Friday bbq was another gathering, with the track team. Had a good time talking with tse xin over heart matters, at the rock with the cool breeze and waves. I really like it. The talk was unexpected as we seldom talk about personal stuffs. She reminds me so much of Alison, when we used to be so close at track 😦

I gotta go now, this is just another post of how my two weekends has been. Good so far, thanks to all my beloved friends 🙂


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