When i saw you

When i saw you, after a long time, words really can’t describe how i was feeling at that point of time. I realized that all along, i really miss that face of yours.

When we started talking, i realized i was longing to hear your voice. I wished we were talking and joking like how we used to.

When we walked side by side, after a long time, my mind turn back to the time when we first met and had awkward moments while we walk.

When you looked at me while talking, i realized that i find it hard to look you in the eyes.

When we sat by side in the bus, i was nervous and again, my mind turn back to the times when we had long bus rides together.

When you made that sniffing sound besides me, i can’t help but to think back about those times you were so close to me, smelling my hair and saying it smells. ha..

But when you said those words, that made me shattered, i realized that i am living in denial. It seems like my mind had cheated on me.

I shouldn’t have went off just like that, i know. I was confused.  But i guess you wouldn’t care about it either…


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