goodbye number thirteen

This is the second post for tonight, within an hour. surprise surprise. i’ll be sleeping in a while, when i’m supposed to hours ago. i had about 12 hours of sleep yesterday 😀 very happy, still not enough though.

i’ve been thinking through these days. about ending soccer, in my life. this has been in my mind since ages ago but only now then i decided when should be the right timing. the league’s coming to an end soon. i’ll be having my major project in school for the next few months. i think i can’t cope even though i can. i need to break myself away from sports too. soon, hopefully.

I just need a little courage. that will help. i just need that to talk things out to my coach. it’s coming to 3 years now already. it’s just about time i need to hang up my boots. and pass that number 13 to ed.

Goodbye number 13, who have been with me since the start of the year i’ve joined soccer 😦 you’ve been a great number. by chance, i got you.

i’m talking shit now. feels like i’m ready to stop this.

Selamat berpuasa. night night morning!


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