counting down the days

It’s already coming to the 3rd week of Ramadhan. Over the weekends, i can’t help but to be reminded of some things.

I came across an old notebook of mine for the chocolate chip cookie recipe when i wanted to bake just now. And it was also filled up with lots of ink scribbles. Of past messages, exactly from one year ago. i didn’t intend to read but ended up reading some of them. Can’t help but to be reminded of how bittersweet the past Ramadhan was. I’m the type who is very particular about the smallest details, perhaps. I find it important to write down the date, days and those things. Because i want to still be able to remember about almost everything i have in life in many years down the road.

I really hate the fact that i miss someone, still. so much. I know that i should not be saying this at all. Because he belongs to someone else now. But it’s just a feeling right? so it can go away, when time allows it. Insyallah. Don’t worry, i have shut myself away from the world.

I’m waiting for my last batch of cookies for tonight to be bake. Still another few minutes. This time around, it tastes sweeter. It doesn’t look the same as last year’s. I don’t know why 😦

This year, not much semangat to celebrate raya. It doesn’t feel the same like how it had been for the past many years. Even my friends said so. Probably because this time, i’ll be working for 5 days per week. I’m counting down the days to the end of attachment already.

I want to eat my sahur in the meantime la. hee.


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