are you game for it?

It’s been one week of fasting already. Once again, i’m going to say how much Ramadhan means to me. It always brings me back memories of how i’d spent it over the years. Each year is different, so do this present one.

Change topic, the weekends was crap. Saturday match was such a letdown for me. I was given the chance but i failed to prove how capable i am. Do you know hard it is for me to be in that position? I might not be that good, yes i know but atleast i was being trusted enough to gain that spot. Well only that day, i guess. The fact that i wasn’t functioning, was an excuse. I was tired. Do you know how many hours i spent pushing myself up with sports in that one week? No matter how dead i am, i have to force myself to train. And that, i always have to choose; track or soccer. 

And nobody understands how terrible it feels  like being to run with guys, each and every training session. I don’t care about people saying it means a compliment.  Because this means how much effort I have to give in for all of it. Being shouted across the track to run faster was just as exhausting as it sounds like. Compared to the other girls who can atleast pace among themselves. But i, being just the vice-capt feels like i’m the only one pushing myelf to the limits, or beyond, each time. The expectations are too much & i really can’t breathe, literally. It has always been hard for me to cope. But no, nobody knows.

I feel like giving up all the time.

Back to the weekends, Arsenal’s game against Man United was another thing that adds up to the crappy feeling. I always get nervous when they are going against these devils. First of all, i only managed to watch the game for first half because i had to work early in the morning the next day -.- And i was too tired to stay up. And Arshavin’s opening goal for the match was clean and classic. And he’s cute enough to show that irritating face right after he scored. ha!

My manager told me the dissapointing news about how Man U had cliched those 2 goals which led to their victory. A penalty and own goal? How pathetic can that be, omg. And the fact that the gunners are not given a penalty for the obvious foul that happened to Arshavin was stupid enough. Not forgetting the incident when Arsene had to leave to the stands because he kicked a bottle. It might looks dumb but his reaction was cute and funny.

Sigh sigh, Man U won but it’s obvious enough who was the better one.


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