This week, i got to know few saddening news. To my friend and family, once again be strong over whatever happened. His grandmother passed away. Al-Fatiha to her.

Yesterday 26 June 2009, i got to know one of the most shocking news. One of the legendary pop icon ever lived has passed away. Micheal Jackson, the king of pop. A disbelief to almost everyone in the world, i guess. It feels like a major loss. He has gone, forever from our eyes.

Even though i’m not a follower of him, I can remember growing up listening to some of his songs and seeing his signature moves at his music videos. The ever so inspirational song, “Black and White“, “Thriller” and more. It’s because you grow up knowing that one guy and his songs, that makes me feel really sad.

Who can forgets Thriller, the king of pop?

Who can actually forgets Micheal Jackson? Everybody knows him. RIP.


Another old celebrity passed away of cancer on the same day too. Farah Fawcett. I don’t know her but read about her once. Sudden.



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