.long days.

My days so far was just tiring but filled with fun and enriching activities. Thursday met up with fizah for a jog and she surprised me with a big bag. With the belated birthday present which she, mar, rau, sharina, dian, muhd, min and selig had shared for. A backpack. I totally love it, just the thing that i need. Thank you people ūüôā

Friday was campday with the track & field team. Each group consists of the short¬†and long d strangers so upon knowing my teamates’ names, we called ourselves ‘Dipsy’. Weird name but yeah. We bonded quite well. For the first time being a leader, it was hard. Tougher, practically because i am small (seriously) and i am not fierce enough. So, some of them tend to scatter around elsewhere. And at times, i couldn’t hold on to my team. But i did tried my best and most importantly, my teamates respect me and they always played the activities with enthusiasm.

All these despite the fact that some of¬†my teamates¬†are blackmarked from the¬†main leaders. ¬†Well, i’m glad i handled them well. For those two full days, each and everyone of them made me feel appreciated and yes, love the camp .

Sunday, which was just yesterday was 10km race day. I had only few hours of sleep. The mizuno mount faber race started at 7 30am so i had to leave the house damn early. It was refreshing after the race partly because i think i beat my pb for 10km. And also, there was like hundreds of people and i thought i beat like most of them. hehe.

Back home, i was totally lethargic. Slept for close to 6 hours. Night time, met up with nik, shida, syima, rena, wan, bani, sepet and one stranger to a movie session over at ms. Watched ‘Drag me to hell’. I gotta say, it was a full suspense movie filled with expected screamings. And i pitied wan who sat besides me, because he had to endure my sudden sharp screaming. haha.

The show is horrifyingly disastrous and pretty sad for the one who died in the movie, seriously. Somehow it made me realize how¬†scary hell is and i’m really¬†afraid of it. Time to do good things now ūüėÄ

Okay, one more week till the break ends. So, sleeping alone now. I hope i do not get nightmares or become paranoid later. Goodnight.


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