.twentieth birthday.

24 hrs ago, i was still out just on the way home. From a night out with my fellow track mates and some acquantainces. With an eventful night of celebrating my 20th birthday, as suggested by rehan.

Yup, 17th may 2009 was the day i turned a year older. Now, i’m already 20years of age. Hit the big 20 baby and it doesn’t make much difference. But the weekends was awesome much.

Friday spent a nice quality time with mother over dinner at banquet. This time around she treated me. How nice, i get to eat something that i never tried before over there. An advance birthday treat. How thoughtful. Thanks, i love you mother 🙂 On another note, tse xin gave me an advance birthday wish through sms too. As she had to leave for msia the next day. awww! 🙂

Saturday 16th, eve of my birthday aka the final day of my ‘teen’ age was total madness. haha. Started out the day by working. Helped out with the store till 2pm when my shift had way ended at 1130. Serene was the one who burst out to the store that “somebody’s turning 20 already“. Yea, so only few of them there knew. It’s the thought that count you know. heh.

Supposed to meet nik for a while but both of us couldn’t make it so yea, i was really in the mood to actually go out. So, i decided to just made my way out. Alone, undecided where to go and who to go out with. Yea, loser on my final “teen” age day. But nonetheless, i invited rehan to meet up. Turns out, our usual gang was invited. Met rehan first. Where he had to accompany me walked around, window shopping. That’s when we settled over at Gloria Jeans. He brought for me a Mrs Field’s cookie with a smiley craved. Awww! 🙂 I never thought he can be nice.

Minutes later, Sunil joined us. Then Leslie. Which all of us then met Max. This all started from me and rehan actually. So, max drove us around and we decided to eat our late dinner at Bendemeer Adam’s Corner. There, all of us had a total great time. Talking, pure joking, bitching, scaring each other with spooky stories and just vulgarities everywhere. HAHA! With them around, we can just talk about anything. We started off at there from about 10++ till 12+. And at 12am sharp, Leslie held out his hands and wish me a Happy Birthday“. The rest of them followed along. Very sweeeeet! 🙂 Then came the smses flooding in. Shikin was the first.

Later on, yining, kelvin and 2 of his friends came along. Also with one of max’ s peranakan friend, Reny. We stayed there, continuing to just spent the night talking and just pure laughing. After we had enough of lepaking  there, all of us procedeed to Kallang Leisure Park to play bowling. In the car, loud music was blasting loudly and all of us were just enjoying the songs and atmosphere.

When we reached there, all of us played for one game only. By the time we ended, it was already about 2.15am. With these guys around, i can totally talk shit. haha. Only after then some of us wanted to go home.

Me, max, leslie, sunil and reny was in the car waiting for the others to come. And the guys decided to do some “tokyo drift“. Omg, i was the only girl there and i was holding on to my dear life. Max did twice at the kallang carpark. The guys thought it was cool shit. But for me, i was afraid even though there’s no way that we can get hurt. He was speeding and swerving the car, mind you. Awesome? maybe. haha.

It was already 3am by the time i reached home. Yup, that was how i spent my first few hours for my 20th birthday.

Two words, Unforgetably Awesome! 😀

I will continue on the remaining day at the next post. Am going to sleep now.

Goodnight 🙂


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