Here and There

I can’t help but to feel spirited while listening to Brandy- Right Here. Each and every seconds of the song somehow or what, gives me hope. A lost hope. So much things are happening nowadays. He and me are meeting up often despite his damn busy schedule but there is just not enough to spice up our relationship.

Trainings are beginning to get a lil too intensive. For both track and soccer. But I’m loving it 🙂 And Coach Eugene spilled out the most disappointing news to us while we are having breakfast over at CS Starbucks on Thursday morning.

His contract will end in two weeks time. Which means he will no longer coach the long distance team after that. As he will be in charge of the triathlon team instead. So we all were starting to get a bit chaotic about it. All kinds of scenarios were then beginning to play along in the conversations.

“TP long distance team is going to extinct? “

“We will fight for it man!” (only Leslie was the one who said it with an enthusiastic face)

“We are going to merge with the Short distance team? !”

“Our trainings are going to get harddddd”

“There will not be anymore bad words used in any conversations at any point of time during training. fcuk!”

“Aiyaaa, worse come to worse we just train with the triathlon team laa. No need to swim, we just run”

“Seriousss ahh?! Chhiii-Byeeeee!” (an imitate excerpt from Sunil)

These guys are freaking hilarious, seriously. I mean what’s the worst possibility could ever happen. haha. Our team may consist of just few people, probably less than 10 after the clowns had graduated. But we are still easy to get along with each other. The smaller the team, the easier to manage and the bond we all shared are just priceless. This involved with our beloved coach too, you know 🙂

Today is already Friday 27th. In few hours time, one of our track mate, Fangee will be flying away to Myanmar for 3 months! For his overseas attachment. Cool or what. His flight is at 7am. The fact that it is super early, I’m unable to send him off 😦 Hope he will have a great experience there. Bon voyage my friend!~

Ok off to sleep now. Goodnights, great weekend ahead!


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