Which are legend

Been one ineffective Sunday, i might say. Rotting at home, practically alone and just finding the easiest stuffs to do was darn hopeless. Dad and brother was away in KL (they are back now though), Mum and sister was working till very late. The plan to go Sentosa was laid off by me. Plain laziness to step out from the house. Even watering the plants seems like the greatest chore.

He called me, again. Maybe it’s true. My ego head gets over me but simple to say, i deserve some respect too mister. Just that now is not the right time yet for us to talk things out. Over.

Liverpool against Aston Villa  tonight was exciting. With a score of 5-0.  Kuyt brilliant strike for their first goal was a clean finish. Feeling inspired.

Read an article about Pires. Which Arsenal fan can ever forget him. A legend.Remembered one time when sister was still an avid supporter, i tagged along and like the team immidiately. This happened years ago when i was still very young, seriously. All because of him. Well now they have moved on and the team is made up of undeniably talented players. This you have to agree (:

Watching I am Legend now. The second movie me and him watched on New Year eve of 2008. Bittersweet.

Ok good Monday, takecare humans.


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