Am new here at wordpress. Not that i’m abandoning my seventeenfakedsmiles blog over at blogspot. No no. Just feel of owning another blog where i can solely express my feelings and also to maybe keep updates on personal interests like soccer, poetry etc 🙂

Days were beginning to get luxurious until the moment when i spilled out an honest opinion to him. In the first place, is it even wrong to voice out what i was really thinking about him? Maybe it is, like he thought, it was really insulting to him. But one thing i can’t accept and come in terms with was when he said, F*** off, b****”.

Yes that. It was just pure luck that i was being patient nowadays. Enough about him, let’s talk about soccer.

  1. Match against NYPGA was called off. 
  2. Fulham won to Manchester United with a scoreline of 2-0.With Scholes & Rooney being sent off. What a let down, hah!
  3. Chelsea lose to Tottenham by 1-0. Are they kidding us?  
  4. Am watching Newcastle against Arsenal now. Looking good for the Gunners so far, with 3 goals by Bendtner, Diaby and Nasri.

            Currently leading, hope they score another goal though.

Oh, and the hp can’t stop vibrating due to his irritating phonecalls since moments ago.

Ok, Goodnight.


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